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09 March 2009 @ 12:45 am
Influx of reality  
Okay, you've seen my last post. I was being overly optimistic about Candace I think. Things haven't worked out, and I realize I should have listened to Ben from the get go (and, for the record, "I told you so" isn't necessary :-P )and bailed on her sooner.

What changed? Well, for some reason, she pulled a Sarah, and decided I wasn't worth talking to. Okay, fine. She can't be bothered to expend 30 seconds of minimal effort, then I can't be bothered to drive 100 miles and 2 hours one way to see her.

She tried to blame PMS. Okay. PMS excuses only so much. 4 solid days of silence? Yeah, no. I can't be with a girl who won't put forth any effort. It's done.

On the plus side, Melissa isn't angry with me, and we've gone right back to the way it was before Candace came along.

Who's Melissa? Well, that's gonna have to wait for another post.